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you’re my end
and my beginning

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Allison Argent + mood board    ~ [Lydia]

Allison Argent + mood board
    ~ [Lydia]

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Romani Terminology »


I am going to do a break down of the various terminology as it is accepted in most Romani academic circles. 

I realize that this can be very confusing, especially to those outside our ethnicity and culture, and even to those who were raised in our culture, but do not have a full grasp of our language.

I must also note that self-identification varies amongst us and many of our own people may not recognize what is considered proper terminology.

"Gypsy" - The pejorative term created by the British in the 1500s. The term was created to identify only those who are Romani, most specifically those who we now call UK Romany & the Romanichal. It was never intended to be used as a descriptor for any other ethnic population. It comes from the Old English term for Egyptian, and not Greek. It is a slur.

Romani - The term that refers to our entire ethnic population, including the Sinti. It refers to the ethnic population that left Northern India & Pakistan shortly after the invasion of the Persian Muslims who have since settled in Turkey, all of Europe, and the Americas. The term is used to refer to our culture & language in relation to the entire ethnic population: 
Romani culture, Romani language, Romani people, Romani ethnicity.

Romany - The population of Romani who settled in the British Isles sometime in the late 14th century. They have since become two distinct populations self identifying as either Romany or Romanichal. This spelling is typically used to refer only to the ”native” Romani population of the region. It does not inculde more recent Romani immigrants or refugees from continental Europe. Romany is typically prefixed by British, UK, English, or another identifier of where in the region they have settled & lived.
Ex: Some Romani families have lived in the UK for one hundred years or more and they have even picked up some words from the Rromanes dialect spoken by the UK Romany. 

Sinti - The self-identifier of a sub-ethnic population of the Romani people who live in Germany, Austria, regions of Central Europe, and the United States of America. Many Sinti prefer their identifier over Romani, though they do indeed belong to the Romani ethnic population & their language is a dialect of the Romani language.

Rroma - A sub-ethnic group of the Romani population who live throughout Transylvania, Central Europe and Northern Italy. 
(This is why referring to our entire ethnic population as the Rroma & Sinti tends to be problematic. It is inclusive of only these two very specific Romani sub ethnic populations, when in fact, we have likely over 80 self-identified distinct groups that are considered part of the Romani ethnicity.)

Rroma - A Romani woman. The adjective that describes a Romani woman or girl. 
Ex: I am a Rroma woman, but I belong to the Romani people. 

Rromni - A Romani woman who is married. A wife.
Ex: The Rromni took care of her sick husband.

Rrom - A Romani man. The adjective that describes a Romani man or boy.
Ex: The old Rrom told us stories about our history. 

Rromanes - The language of the Romani people. Sometimes referred to as “Romani chib”, which means “Romani tongue”. This includes all dialects of the Romani language spoken in all of Europe, Turkey, South Africa, as well as North, Central & South America. 

Dom - A sister population of the Romani ethnicity. They are believed to be descendants of similar North Indian & Pakistani ethnic groups. They likely began their diaspora before the people who are today considered the Romani. The Dom live throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East & Central Asia. 

Domari - The language of the Dom people.

Lom - Speculatively related to the Romani in the same way as the Domari: a population of mixed Northern Indian ethnic groups who began their diaspora before the population that is considered the Romani. They settled mostly in the Caucasus Mountains, and largely in Armenia. 

Lomavren - The language of the Lom people. 

The Romani, Dom & Lom are related to some degree, but the exact relation is still contested by some. The Dom & Lom are sometimes lumped under the pejorative exonym, “gypsy”, though this term was never ascribed to them until rather recently. 

When referring to this entire diasporic population from the Indian subcontinent, they should always be termed “The Romani, Dom & Lom”. Of course, order can vary, but the proper terms should be utilized instead of “gypsy”.

Single “R” & double “Rr” spellings - Both manner of spellings are correct. Some dialects use a double “Rr” spelling for phonetics purposes, while other use it to distinguish us from Romanians & inhabitants of Rome, Italy

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Who is the benefactor?

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Title: UnknownHooked On a Feeling
Artist: UnknownBlue Swede
Album: UnknownGuardians of the Galaxy trailer
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From the first trailer of Guardians of the Galaxy (x)

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and if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones

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malia tate week: day four | dirty paws by of monsters and men.

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I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again.
Meggie Royer, Literary Sexts (via justnoise-andthensome)
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X-Men Characters + descriptions [part II] [x]

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"You seriously need to find something better than a baseball bat." [x]

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